Retrosprectiva de la innovacion


Looking back on innovation: more than a trend


29 April 2013

If we look back through the history of companies, fields such as productivity, quality and marketing have made their way into the heart of companies as a response to their ever-changing environments and as a way of staying ahead of the curve. Nowadays, they are basic requirements for any company that sees itself with a future.

Innovation is the latest discipline to join the company ranks. More than a trend, it’s here to stay. As with the other disciplines, it has matured over time to the point where it is now sure to be incorporated into companies.

Now, we can safely say that the best innovation practices generate profitable income that is sustained over time, and that companies that use these best practices effectively obtain more obvious results on the market. Innovation is an essential strategic factor in businesses looking for new or improved horizons to expand their market.

Looking back, innovation has evolved rapidly in the last 50 years:

• Previously, people thought that only the chosen, inspired or artistic few could use innovation. Now we know that anyone can innovate, all you need are the right conditions and techniques to free up the potential of those involved.

Before, people thought that innovation took place in “ivory towers”: in isolated places with information being guarded at all costs. Now we know that bringing various actors together in the process leads to more ideas and better results, with greater investment and risk.

Initially, people thought that innovating meant launching new products and services. Now, it is clear that innovation is much more wide-reaching than that. The Oslo Manual states, in its definition of innovation: it is recommendable to innovate in business models, processes and the way in which companies organise and manage their human resources.

Well-known heads of companies throughout the country have already taken the initiative and are making the necessary changes in their organisations to build innovation into their company DNA. In this way, they get tangible results that we can all benefit from in the short term. The time has come for us take up the mantle of innovation and take our first step on the constant road to innovation.

The general adoption of this discipline enables countries to take the plunge into company practices that are more closely focused on innovation and, through this, to offer their consumers, investors and third-party agents better alternatives.

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