Muchos talentos diferentes al servicio de un único objetivo


Talented people all working towards one aim: Happiness in the workplace



08 October 2012

Having had a glimpse into how it feels to take part in a different type of Olympics, the Juegos de las Empresas (Company Olympics), and seeing everis take home almost all the medals, with many golds in team sports, I thought to myself: “I'd like to work for that company”... I spent 20 years as part of one of the greatest teams in Spanish sporting history. In the 90s, we won almost everything. The only thing that slipped away from us what the European Championship in the selection stage, since we also won the club championship.

Being part of this taught us to overcome adversity as a team, combining our individual talents to work towards a common aim. A lot of people would like to be hitting the headlines, to be recognised, adored by others, the Messi or Ronaldo of our times, the best, as if this were the real sign of success. But as someone who has experienced recognition and adulation, someone who has been forgotten and, deservedly, criticised, I can tell you that success and the greatest satisfaction comes from realising that your talent is just as valuable even if you're not a media sensation... It comes from accepting that there are many unknown faces in this world, brimming with talent that they use to help others, for a common aim. These people are what make the world a better place. But we'd all like a pat the back every once in a while, right?

A few days ago, I was talking to some of your colleagues about some of my sporting career anecdotes, and how alcohol and drugs stopped me from appreciating what I had achieved. I told them how everything happened so quickly that I didn't have time to appreciate all the skills I had developed thanks to sport. Skills I’m sure all of you have and which I encourage you to explore and exploit to the full: your teams are filled with social climbers, brown-nosers, know-it-alls; clever, dynamic, proactive, reactive, negative, optimistic, stupid people (never leave them in charge of the company, they’ll run it into the

ground, especially if they're motivated); tireless workers, not-so-tireless workers, lazy bones, copycats (people who take credit for others’ work)... Believe it or not, each and everyone one of these people has a special talent, and that is what we call "the richness of diversity” haha.

With everyone putting their talent to good use to reach a shared objective, we can achieve what experts call HAPPINESS, or in more realistic terms, we can KEEP THE BALL ROLLING.

 Personal development coach


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