Tecnologías exponenciales o la revolución del siglo XXI


Exponential technologies or the 21st-century revolution



26 October 2017

When we talk about the history of humankind, we are talking about evolution and continual transformation. This is especially true for the last 150 years, which undoubtedly mark the most progressive and prosperous period in the history of humankind. This journey began with the Industrial Revolution, which paved the way, 30-35 years ago, for the digital revolution. I predict that what we are currently experiencing will become a new revolution, based on the evolution, application and use of so-called exponential technologies.

Human beings are used to making linear predictions. These technologies, for their part, follow an exponential evolution pattern (i.e. Moore's Law, an IT term from the 1960s that dictates that processing speed or a computer’s total processing power doubles 12 months. The standard is named after Gordon Moore, co-founder of the well-known company Intel, and is still applicable today.).

Exponential technologies will spark, and in some cases have sparked, disruptive transformation in many business models. IT, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, neuroscience are all part of the group of “exponential technologies”; tools that enable us to offer solutions to big challenges standing in the way of human development, in healthcare, energy and the economy, among others.

Based on this reality, organisations’ success will depend not only on applying the best technological solution, but also on the most appropriate model for innovation. This results from integrating existing innovation models into the use of exponential technologies, and adding talent into the equation.

everis has been around for 21 years and considers TALENT (in capital letters) one of the key pieces of its strategy and business model. We focus on values and attitude as substantive criteria for sustainable success. Technology (now exponential technology) represents adjective attributes in that it showcases the value of TALENT, i.e. it makes the implicit value of technology explicit.

Technology evolves geometrically while TALENT, characterised by its values and attitudes, maintains its essence, acting as its structure. This is the key to our future, consistently combining humility and determination, the substantive with the adjective. It’s clear that our objective is to be nothing short of the best, in the adjective sense. The substantive is what makes us stand out, as it is what makes our success sustainable.

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