A new era for the everis blog

29 de junio de 2018

Thanks to current technology, we can dive head-first into oceans worth of knowledge. It opens doors to all kinds of worlds for us, immediately and without limits. With a great deal of effort, we have achieved a society wherein the barriers of time and space are fading. As it happens, at this exact moment, you could step into the Sistine Chapel, watch the Northern Lights live from a remote fishing village in Norway, or patiently await the arrival of an elephant in the Savannah.

The knowledge era pushes us to seek out answers, to take interest in the “how” and analyse the “why”. We are constantly learning and the results are overwhelming. Never before has so much information been within the reach of so many. And the most interesting thing is, this thirst for knowledge stays with individuals throughout their lives.

Even in 1974, philosopher Peter Drucker in his book “Post-Capitalist Society” insisted on the importance of knowledge as an essential engine for producing wealth. In this scenario, Drucker highlighted the relevance of Knowledge Workers, those who put all their intellect and mental strength into the company they work for. This new talent comes equipped with a new, great capacity for innovation and creation, as well as a developed ability to self-manage and lead. Knowledge Workers acknowledge their mistakes, and frequently review processes and ways of thinking. Ultimately, we need to learn to “unlearn”. What does that mean? It means we need to stop doing things how we've always done them, and that takes willpower. That's the key to transformation.

As a result of all that, the evolution of talent has fostered not only the birth and development of valuable technology such as Big Data, Blockchain or AI, but also the very convergence between them. All of this has provided an essential boost to the global transformation we are currently experiencing.

In this context, it is our moral obligation to get society involved in each and every single technological advance that is making it possible to improve lives and transform industry. To do so, and because we believe knowledge should flow and be shared, we are starting a new era of the everis blog. A new blog with the firm intention of being a communication channel where knowledge professionals can share the milestones they have reached thanks to talent.

From now on, we want to be present in the blogosphere to inform, teach, question and debate. We are living in extraordinary times in terms of innovation. So, let's make the most of it and write the way to the future.

Welcome to the everis blog. Everyone’s blog.




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